Domain’s origins

Founded in 1863 by Frédéric MUGNIER, a liqueur-maker in Dijon, at the beginning of the 20th century the estate comprised almost twenty hectares spread over Chambolle-Musigny and Nuits-saint-Georges. It was run jointly with the liqueur factory by Frédéric’s sons and grandsons until 1949. Before the creation of appellations d’origine in 1878, the estate’s wines were sold under labels bearing only the words “Château Chambolle-Musigny”, following the example of Bordeaux.

In 1950, Jacques-Frédéric MUGNIER, Frédéric’s great-grandson born in 1923, sold the liquor business, which had been weakened by the war and economic difficulties, and leased the vineyard, which had been reduced through inheritance, to a major wine company in Nuits-Saint-Georges.
Jacques-Frédéric MUGNIER took over direct management of the Chambolle vines from 1978 until his death, and in 1985 Frédéric MUGNIER, Jacques-Frédéric’s son, took over full responsibility for the family estate.

Today, around Jocelyne and Frédéric Mugnier, the Domaine’s permanent team – Adeline, François, Fabien, Patrick, Guillaume, Alex, Maxime, Théo and Anaïs – is attentive to every detail, day after day, to ensure that nothing of nature’s best is lost, from the vine to the cellar and right up to your glass.

Our approach to both viticulture and winemaking is to preserve the purest possible expression of Nature in our wines, without technological artifice.
In the vineyard

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