The perfect intage
It is a fact that the 2005s show a great depth, a velvety texture, but also a special delicacy and freshness of flavours, that give the wines brightness and elegance. Such qualities, rarely found in the same wine, are brought together in perfect harmony. Everything is there to make theses wines both extremely seductive when young and very promising for the future. Then, could one say 2005 is the perfect vintage ? Maybe, in a way. But it seems to me that wine is more a matter of emotion than technique, and I do not necessarily associate emotion with perfection. So, if we perversely try to find anything wrong, could we say that the only thing that might be missing in those wines would be some kind of charming flaw, some subtle touch of roughness ? Anyway I have no doubt that these wines, when grown up, will surprise us. (April 2007)