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Our plot of Amoureuses covers 52 ares 85 ca. The oldest part is over sixty years old, the youngest was planted in 1966 and the largest part in 1954 and 1956.

Annual production varies between around 900 and 2,700 bottles.


The name of this “climate” encourages all kinds of fantasies. No one today has come up with an explanation capable of really convincing us. In 1948, Camille Rodier said that “a wine that has love in it is an expression used in Burgundy to describe a great wine with bouquet, full of fire and sap”. So be it. Let’s just say that this name is admirably suited to the feminine, radiant style of this wine.

The soil consists of a layer of red clay 30 to 50 cm deep, resting on a compact, barely cracked limestone slab, into which the roots manage to penetrate with impressive strength. The complexity of the wine clearly reflects the dual nature of this soil.

Les Amoureuses is unquestionably the greatest of the Chambolle-Musigny Premier Crus. It easily rivals many of the grand crus of the Côte d’Or.

For us, Les Amoureuses even represents the essence of Burgundy, the most Burgundian of Burgundy wines. No other wine in the world offers this paradoxical combination of exceptional richness (aromatic intensity, deep texture, length on the palate) and airy delicacy. The nose is a bouquet of flowers and red berries.

If any wine can move you, it’s Les Amoureuses…


Give it at least 7 years. But if you’re patient, the ageing potential can exceed 50 years in some years.