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Don’t look for Clos des Fourches on your Burgundy crus map, you won’t find it. The name disappeared from the map at the end of the 19th century when the vineyard was renamed Clos de la Maréchale.

We have chosen to revive it to designate the cuvée we produce some years from the youngest Clos de la Maréchale vines.

At the time, the name ‘fourches’ evoked the ‘fourches patibulaires’, in other words the gallows from which criminals were hanged. It is understandable that some people preferred the name “La Maréchale” and its evocations of a world of operetta, dazzling, futile and festive.


This wine from (relatively) young vines does not have the power, complexity or length on the palate of Clos de la Maréchale, but it does have its own strengths. Smoother and more supple, it has a more floral nose, brighter in its youth, and lends itself easily to earlier drinking.